Tunic Clothing

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Tunic Clothing

Since the time of the Roman Empire tunic clothing has been representative of some form of social distinction. At that point in time the men's tunic only went to the knee while that of the woman reached her feet.

Tunic clothing is generally made of linen or silk, and quite essentially distinguishes each woman. Even in the case of men this piece of apparel is representative of the class one belongs to. Tunic clothing varies for different people, as for instance, working class people prefer uppers that are shorter and allow for easier movement.

Tunic clothing is the basic item of dress made of cloth sewn together at the sides and shoulders. There is an opening left at the top of the tunic, creating an effect of short sleeves when the tunic is belted. Tunic clothing is an essential reminder of the social status of its wearer, and is also representative of the historical periods.

Tunic clothing apart from spanning millions of costume needs is also easy to make. The advantage of tunic clothing is that it can be made in any number of colors using just about any design. One has to measure the height from neck to toe. The measurement has to be doubled and 12 to 16 inches added for the hem. The two ends can then be hemmed. The fabric is then folded in half. Come in 8 inches from the sides and stitch the side. The side is stitched to about waist level on the body. Once a small head hole is cut with a slit in the back, the tunic clothing is ready.

Different looks can be given to the tunic clothing by just changing the accessories according to the trend. The costume uses that a tunic clothing can be put are endless.


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