Sequin Tunic

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Embellished Tunic

Sequin tunics with beaded sequin trim on V-necklines are lightweight and made from woven cotton. You can find a sequin tunic with sequins lining the pointed U neck and both sleeve ends of exotic print tunics. Sequin tunics are a must have for casual summer days to be spent in stylish comfort.

This apparel provides rare beauty with its intricately designed beautiful sequin details and may be worn even over a pair of jeans. The sequin motifs provide you with a good hand feel and can also be made to order. Being mostly hand made, the sequin tunics resemble a fun looking tunic with sequin spangles in floral motifs in a riot of colors.

You can also find sequin tunics that have a sequin fringe on the neck of the same color. Other sequin tunics are available with tiny glass beads and sequins clustering around the split-v neckline in a crystal cascade. Moreover, two lines of transparent sequins defining the neck enhance the beauty of the sequin tunic .

Sequin tunics make a fashion statement they are most definitely feminine with a romantic undertone. Resembling an easy romantic style of sequins and embroidery, frequently used to highlight femininity in fashion, sequin tunics are the exquisite continuation of ethnical influences on fashion. Sequin tunics with printed and embroidered patterns reveal its inspiration from the Orient. The different patterns in different combinations enhance the ethnic feel.

Though the feel of the sequin tunics is feminine it can be combined with jeans and wide skirts. Most materials are often transparent and lightweight such as mesh and voile. Even heavier viscose qualities with graceful hang can also be used. It is important to note that sequin tunics should be hand washed or dry cleaned in order to enhance its life and maintain its beauty.


Tunic 05
Metalic Yellow Embroided / Stone SILK KURTI. This is exclusive range for Party Wear.
Price $29


Tunic 02

Dual shade Sea Green Ferozy and Yellow Embroided / Stone work SILK Kurti. This is exclusive range for Party Wear.

Price $29

Tunic 03
This is Brand new cream color Embroided / Stone work SILK CRAPE Kurti. This is exclusive range for Party Wear.
Price $29

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