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Embroidered TunicIt is considered quite cool to have an embroidered tunic top. These days it is very rare for anyone to visit a major departmental store or mall and not see an embroidered tunic. It is in most likelihood to be the Indian kurta. An embroidered tunic has become a popular and fashionable statement not only for women, but men as well.

The Indian silk tunic is very intricately hand-embroidered and has been part of the traditional dress in every region. Both men and women, wear these hand-embroidered silk tunics in a variety of ways. You will love the loose, flowing fit that these embroidered tunics have to offer. Combined with the traditional embroidery skills is the scattering of sequins, which can add sparkle to the high quality, snow-white silk tunic.

For the tunic lover, there is also the embroidered Taj tunic. A very ultra-feminine Taj neck tunic makes it comfertable during sleep. It matches best with an embroidered pant style. The embroidered Taj tunics have an embroidered neck with beading detail and front tie. You have to ensure that it is carefully machine-washed.

You have the luxury of creating a stylish outfit by preferring to opt for embroidered tunics. It is possible for you to instantly achieve style and sophistication by wearing embroidered tunics. Embroidered tunics allow you the luxury of being able to add an exotic touch to your wardrobe.

While going in for a tunic, keep an eye for the embroidered trim and detailing. Ensure that the measurement of the embroidered tunic is appropriate from shoulder to hem. Embroidered tunics are available in a variety of color schemes. Embroidery adds just the right touch to the tunic, which is sure to acquire compliments for you. Moreover, if you were to wear an embroidered tunic with a pair of jeans the combo would be absolutely smashing. Embroidered tunics will provide you value for money apart from looking stylish.

Embroidered Tunic or Kurtis

Embroidered Tunic Kurtis 01
White Chikan Cotton Embroidery Tunic or Kurti. It has resham thread embroidery

Price $29


Embroidered Tunic Kurtis 02

Dual shade Sea Green Ferozy and Yellow Embroided / Stone work SILK Kurti. This is exclusive range for Party Wear.

Price $29

Embroidered Tunic Kurtis 03
This is Brand new cream color Embroided / Stone work SILK CRAPE Kurti. This is exclusive range for Party Wear.
Price $29

Embroidered Tunic Kurtis 04
Tussor brown Embroided SILK Kurti. This is exclusive range for Party Wear.

Price $29

Embroidered Tunic Kurtis 05
Metalic Yellow Embroided / Stone SILK KURTI. This is exclusive range for Party Wear.
Price $29
Embroidered Tunic Kurtis 06
Mango Yellow Embroided / SILK Kurti . This is exclusive range for Party Wear.
Price $29

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