Embellished Tunic

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Embellished Tunic

A tunic top is featured in various styles to make the apparel more appealing. And, if there are plenty of embellishments in a floral motif, it only adds to one's personality. An embellished tunic can include contrast threading, little metallic beads and monochromatic sequins. A sequin tunic or a designer tunic can just change the way you look.

You can go for crystal- embellished tunics in winter. It is an absolute hit with skinny jeans and leggings. Apart from it, your tunics can be embellished with rhinestones and accessory appliqués to add charm to your outfit. A black silk chiffon tunic with golden paisley embellishments at the neck is an absolute delight and can include separate camisole.

Embellished tunics are a perfect match for your cotton/spandex stretch denims. Not only do they add comfort but are a style statement in their own right. And, they don't cost you a fortune.

Embellishments can bring life to a faded garment with its unique dye treatment. Embellished tunic -style tees having embellishments on ¾ length sleeves and matching crochet-trimmed V-neck are a delight to look at. All varieties of tunics - cotton, silk, etc. can be embellished. Care has however to be taken that they are hand washed in cold water and line dried.

Embellished tunics are a perfect way of enhancing the look of any tunic. Tunics can be embellished with linen textured drapes as well as hand block print motifs. Tunics embellished with floral runner patterns in matching dual colors are an unusual but striking combination. It is also possible to have tunics embellished at the sleeves and hems to enhance their looks. Embellishment around the neck and sleeves add a touch of class and are in themselves a statement of casual elegance.

Embellished tunics allow you to showcase your elegant taste to dazzle one and all. The versatility of the apparel is such that you can wear it everyday or use it to celebrate a special rare occasion.


Tunic 05
Metalic Yellow Embroided / Stone SILK KURTI. This is exclusive range for Party Wear.
Price $29


Tunic 02

Dual shade Sea Green Ferozy and Yellow Embroided / Stone work SILK Kurti. This is exclusive range for Party Wear.

Price $29

Tunic 03
This is Brand new cream color Embroided / Stone work SILK CRAPE Kurti. This is exclusive range for Party Wear.
Price $29

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