Beaded Tunic

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Embroidered TunicThe purpose of a beaded tunic is to add a touch of sophisticated glamour, which is able to update any outfit. You can always look for high-quality hand-beaded tunics that will flatter your figure. Such is the attraction of a beaded tunic that it is possible to fall in love with tunics with beading detail.

You have a choice of preferring tunics, which feature hand-beaded pearls, silver beads, or rhinestones, all of which accentuate the V-neckline and cuffs. Prefer to opt for beaded tunics whose workmanship is unsurpassed. It is also possible to acquire these high style, high-quality beaded tunics at unbelievable prices. Beaded tunics are the perfect gifts to present to someone you really care for.

Any tunic outfit instantly acquires a complete look once it is bejeweled. There is absolutely no need for any jewelry when wearing this embellished beaded tunic. The versatile colors that beaded tunics are available in are sure to work with a variety of pieces already in your wardrobe. Beaded tunics can be dressed up with a skirt or also kept casual with jeans. To tuck in the beaded tunic or leave it out is dependent on your mind.

One can also add a special accent in the back by toning a small-embroidered flower with beading detail. Beads accent the lean sleeveless cut and flowing fabric. Beaded tunics are perfect for making grand entrances with sweeping skirts and fluttery dolman sleeves. One can also opt for silk beaded tunics that drape beautifully without being too tight.

Beaded tunics are designed to be different. Beaded tunics will definitely add the much needed spice to your life. One can also opt for tunics that are heavily beaded all over. You need to take care of the beaded tunics and ensure they are dry cleaned so that they do not sustain any damage.

Beaded Tunic

Beaded Tunic 05
Metalic Yellow Embroided / Stone SILK KURTI. This is exclusive range for Party Wear.
Price $29


Beaded Tunic 02

Dual shade Sea Green Ferozy and Yellow Embroided / Stone work SILK Kurti. This is exclusive range for Party Wear.

Price $29

Beaded Tunic 03
This is Brand new cream color Embroided / Stone work SILK CRAPE Kurti. This is exclusive range for Party Wear.
Price $29

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